The Psychology of

Sales Call Reluctance

by George W. Dudley

& Shannon L. Goodson

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Director of Sales

Jacqueline B. Calder is the Director of Sales at the corporate office of Behavioral Sciences Research Press in Dallas, Texas (BSRP).  Ms. Calder was originally hired in 2000 as Manager, Psychological Products and Sales Specialist, for BSRP. During that time she posted impressive first year sales increases, resurrected several dormant accounts, significantly deepened BSRP client loyalty and expanded BSRP’s new customer base.   She was then selected the following year to head BSRP’s Instructional Services Division.

As Director of Sales, Ms. Calder is responsible for identifying new markets, managing existing clients, and increasing BSRP product sales.  She currently works with an international client base that includes organizations from Australia, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.  In addition to sales, Ms. Calder is an instructor of the Fear-Free Prospecting & Self-Promotion Workshop® as well as the Advanced Management Training workshop protocol used to provide instruction on sales personnel selection, psychological assessment, and multi-national research.  She frequently gives presentations and speeches to business leaders and organizations, and provides individualized sales performance coaching services.

Before joining BSRP, Ms. Calder worked as a consulting industrial/organizational psychologist in Australia, her country of origin, where she specialized in providing an array of psychological solutions to business clients. She has worked in Singapore and for organizations throughout Southeast Asia and Europe. She has extensive experience in management, sales, sales management, training, delivery of psychological products and services, and employee selection/training and development systems.