The Psychology of

Sales Call Reluctance

by George W. Dudley

& Shannon L. Goodson

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Executive Vice-President, Field Testing &Research

Trelitha R. Bryant is Executive Vice-President, Field Testing & Research and a Senior Research Associate, at the corporate office of Behavioral Sciences Research Press in Dallas, Texas (BSRP). She has served as a research analyst at BSRP, completing hundreds of research projects and constructing statistical models to study the influence of fear on the performance of salespeople and allied professionals who are required to engage in networking and other visibility management activities. She conducts advanced psychometric analyses of questionnaire properties and provides supportive psychological test interpretation and implementation guidance.  Mrs. Bryant is also an instructor of the Advanced Management Training workshop protocol used to provide instruction on sales personnel selection, psychological assessment, and multi-national research.  

Mrs. Bryant has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Creighton University, in Nebraska and has completed graduate coursework at Southern Methodist University. Bryant holds memberships in the Association for Psychological Science, Southwestern Psychological Association and The Society for Applied Multivariate Research.