The Psychology of

Sales Call Reluctance

by George W. Dudley

& Shannon L. Goodson

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Behavioral Sciences Research Press (BSRP) is a small Dallas, Texas organization with a large international reach. Since 1979, BSRP has concentrated in three core areas: scientific (psychological) sales research & development; publishing; and sales training. Large and small organizations worldwide know us by the quality of our craft: psychometric and sales training applications which are practical without being superficial. Throughout our history, we have successfully balanced good science, sound psychological applications and excellent customer service and support. Although we are not consultants ourselves, we research, discover, manufacture and refine some of the applications leading consultants around the world use and sell. Chances are, a major BSRP research project is underway somewhere in the world right now.




Since the founding of our organization, we have been scientifically exploring how fear influences the behavior of people at work. Within that focus, we have sub-specialized in two key areas: 1) Developing objective means to precisely diagnose psychological barriers to sales prospecting and business development experienced by many salespeople and professionals in other contact-dependent settings; 2) Originating behavioral change (CBT-based) programs which can quickly and effectively eliminate these problems once they have been properly diagnosed. At BSRP, research is our lifestyle, not our hobby.

Founded in 1979, BSRP has enjoyed continued, uninterrupted growth. From extremely humble beginnings, we have expanded nationally and internationally and are now active in many countries worldwide. Letter from the CEO.

BSRP applications are used in many industries and settings, including mortgage banking, telecommunications, software development, academics, computer manufacturing, pharmaceutical sales, insurance, automobile sales, banking, real estate, capital equipment, agriculture, consulting, accounting, human resources, psychological counseling, and many other areas.

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BSRP Corporate Headquarters is located in two buildings on a quiet street near churches, a fraternal lodge and a new, environmentally friendly municipal complex. The campus-like setting is situated in a North Dallas suburb easily accessible to D/FW International Airport and major freeway systems. Get Directions...